Automatic Swing Gate

What is An Automatic Swing Gate?

Automatic Swing Gates are Generally a Gate that swings in either direction and close when Controlled with a remote.

In the Era of modern home security and convenience, Automatic Swing gates And Swing Gate Automation have become increasingly popular. These Automatic Gate Systems offer a seamless blend of functionality, aesthetics, and security. Whether you’ve seen them at the entrance of a luxurious estate or a commercial property, automatic sliding gates are a remarkable piece of engineering.

In this blog, we will Look Best automatic Swing gates in India and the technology behind them.

How Automatic Swing Gate Works?

An Automatic Swing Gate operates using a system of hinges, motors, and controls to open and close the gate automatically. Here’s a breakdown of how it typically works:

  • Motor and Mechanism: The gate is equipped with a motor that powers the movement.
  • Hinges: Similar to a traditional gate, the automatic swing gate is attached to hinges that allow it to swing open and closed.
  • Control System: There’s a control system that manages the operation of the gate. This control system can include various components such as sensors, remote controls, keypads, or intercom systems.
  • Sensors: Some automatic gates are equipped with sensors that detect obstacles in the path of the gate. These sensors prevent accidents by stopping the gate or reversing its direction when something is detected in its path.
  • Remote Control/Access Systems: Users can control the gate through various means.
    This includes remote controls, keypads with access codes, intercoms, or even smartphone apps. These systems allow authorized individuals to open or close the gate without physically operating it.
  • Power Supply: The gate’s motor requires a power supply to function. This power source can be electricity from the grid or, in some cases, a backup battery system in case of power outages.

Can We Turn An Existing Manual Gate Into An Automatic Gate?

Yes, You can easily turn your existing manual gate into an automatic Gate

Check the existing gate to determine its size, weight, and condition. This will help in choosing an appropriate electric gate opener. Select an electric gate opener that is suitable for the size and weight of your gate.

If you want to know more about Converting Manual Gate into Automatic Gate. Read this article – How to Convert Manual Gate into Automatic Gate?

Our Automatic Swing Gate Has The Following Features –

  • Open and close the gate by remote control (up to 30 meters) / switch and other access
    control systems via RFID, Biometric, VDP, mobile app etc.
  • Models are available for gates up to 800 kg and up to 6 meters
  • With the new wireless keypad, Gate only works with the password you set
  • Over-load and over-heat protection function by inbuilt thermal sensor.
  • Emergency gate opening.
  • Automatic gate delay time adjustable.
  • Auto stop when the working gate meets resistance.
  • Choose to control 1 leaf or 2 leaves.
  • One control unit for two motors,
  • With flashing day for instruction of gate in operation;
  • Photocell optional (automatic stop to resist during gate opening);
  • This kit operates a steel or wooden gate and can be mounted in front of or behind the gate post
  • Remote control operating distance up to 100 feet
  • The gate locks automatically and can only be operated by the remote and key provided for manual operation.
  • Rotate / LED warning lamp for instructions on gate in operation
  • Environmental protection. Working at temperatures from -20 to +50 से C, water resistant
  • Standard opening time 5 to 8 seconds.
  • You can use this motor with UPS.
  • All kits come with a 1 year full warranty and free technical support.
  • Passed CE test (European standard)

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