Boom Barrier

What Is a Boom Barrier?

Automatic Boom Barriers act as physical obstructions that are installed at entry and exit such as residential and commercial buildings. These barriers are designed to restrict unauthorized access, regulate traffic flow, and maintain a systematic passage of vehicles. Equipped with advanced sensors and automated control systems, these barriers can detect approaching vehicles and open or close accordingly, ensuring a controlled entry and exit process.

Automatic Boom Barriers have many advantages. One main advantage of the Automatic Boom Barrier is its ability to effectively manage traffic during peak hours. the mechanism is particularly beneficial in busy areas such as shopping malls airports, and toll plazas, where a large number of vehicles can quickly lead to gridlock situations.

Importance Of Boom Barrier

Boom Barriers are important for a variety of reasons. but the most basic use of Boom Barrier is Traffic Control. Boom barriers consist of an RFID system. It allows access to only authorized vehicles helping in maintaining the security of the place. Boom Barriers are very durable. The Boom Barrier increases security and is low maintenance.

Usage of Boom Barriers requires minimal human intervention. Boom Barrier can help in places where it is required to give access to only certified people without the interference of humans.

Boom Barriers also work in the case of power failure. power failure does not affect the working of the boom barrier. the arm of Boom Barrier still works in

Features of Boom Barrier

  • It has manual release for power failure. Left and right barriers are both options available.
  • Premium quality for long-lasting.
  • Compatible with RFID car parking
  • Limit Switch Ensured Safety.
  • Radio Frequency-based Remote Control.
  • Motor Cooling fan, solving the problem of heat protection.
  • Boom with a protective Rubber Band and LED light.
  • Support the external and internal VEHICLE LOOP DETECTOR.
  • Reversing on Obstacle. ( when photocell is used).

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